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WE WORK HARD TO GET YOU MORE MONEY.......here's how: A sellers market means many are competing for your property. The more buyers, the more money it will sell for if your have an experienced agent.

OregonRiverRealty is one of the most viewed web sites in the area. Did you know the most important search terms for google are the Domain Name. People looking for properties in Oregon are drawn to properties along rivers so all three words of the domain name add to the search terms. Most realtors only use the MLS (Multible Listing Service) to market their listings. Our marketing plan also includes: Periodicals in 7 Western States published monthly, Radio marketing, local advertising, social networking, major news media, and my office is located in the River Inn in Elkton where many people come to look for property

Please contact one of our professionals to buy or sell property in Oregon!


James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

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Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate!Broker    541 480-0212 

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