I am currently working with several properties that are in foreclosure.  I want a win situation for anyone faced with losing their home!  Many times I can save their credit and a portion of the equity.  If you are interested in purchasing a foreclosure property or are going thru foreclosure give me a call.  Many people are facing this situation today and there is a way out!  It involves contacting your creditors and perhaps selling the house before the take back date.  Do not wait, time is essential!  Call me at  541  389 2359 


Here is a letter that I send to anyone in foreclosure:




Help may be a phone call away.  If you are facing a foreclosure on your property, you may be able to save your equity, by giving me a call.  There are many families in today’s economy that find themselves in this situation. With a little planning, you can save your credit and equity with 4 little letters, “sold”!


We are currently in a good market!  You may even make some money after the sale and payoffs. 


Be assured that everything will remain confidential, give me a call!  480-0212




James Wardrope


If you know anyone buying or selling please give them my card!

Thank You


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James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

Oregon River

Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate! 

eMail:  RESIDENCE:  541 389-2359

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