Marketing your Home!

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MORE's how: A sellers market means many are competing for your property. The more buyers, the more money it will sell for if your have an experienced agent.

OregonRiverRealty is one of the most viewed web sites in the area. Did you know the most important search terms for google are the Domain Name. People looking for properties in Oregon are drawn to properties along rivers so all three words of the domain name add to the search terms. Most realtors only use the MLS (Multible Listing Service) to market their listings. Our marketing plan also includes: Periodicals in 7 Western States published monthly, Radio marketing, local advertising, social networking, major news media, and my office is located in the River Inn in Elkton where many people come to look for property

How you can help us market your home!

We will work hard to give your home the attention it deserves to get it sold!

We only get paid if the house sells, so we are very aware of what it takes to get the job of selling your home completed in this market!

Very few realtors offer open-house showings, but I still do.  The more people that view the house the more chances you have of selling the house.  Most realtors will tell you they are too busy to bother with open-houses but you won't hear that from me!  We will in short do everything possible to show and sell your house, including spending our time doing and "open-house".

I also market your house on our website which is linked to many high traffic generating sites! 

Sites like these:      


Of course you will be in the MLS and it won't take days or weeks to get the pictures up either.  24 hours unless it is a Friday in which case the pictures will be posted Monday and available Tuesday. 

Many real estate companies wait weeks to post pictures.  This is poor service, since most interest in the property is during the first few weeks of listing. 


We also have many customers that are interested in purchasing property!  Your property will be distributed to each of our agents so that they might contact their potential buyers for your home!

We have a great track record.  Low days on the market with Oregon River Realty is our primary objective!

We will immediate upon receiving your listing place a sign on the property and produce high quality brochures to market your property!

We have a pre-listing package that I would like to send you to prepare you for the initial listing!

Call me anytime: (including right now) at 541  389 2359

We promise to Listen - Communicate - and will work hard to sell your property!


Marketing System Summary

                                      Get your money faster with our plan!

Within 7 days: Within 30 days: Thereafter:

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Talk to me about Oregon buying or selling:

James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

Oregon River

Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate! 

eMail:  RESIDENCE:  541 389-2359

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