Want to sell or buy River or other property in Oregon? We have Associate Realtors. in many parts of Oregon, who we cooperate with to sell your property. You get the advantage of our wide advertising in 7 western states and a Realtor in the local area that meets our Top Producer Status. Call me to find the Right person to sell your Oregon Property. If you are buying we can help there too. Call me today: 541 480-0212

GET AN ESTATE AGENT ....  QUALITIES TO LOOK FOR INCLUDE:  ENTHUSIASM, GOOD COMMUNICATION, KNOWLEDGE OF THE AREA,  AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL.  I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH THESE STRENGTHS AND WOULD LIKE TO BE YOUR AGENT!  Real Estate Agents owe duties to whomever hired them (seller or buyer).  Before you call any agent listing a house (who is representing the seller's interest),  secure your own Agent who will represent your interests in the purchase process.  It will save you a lot of time and confusion tracking your search for the right property.  Signing a Buyer Agency Contract will insure that your agent is working for you and not a listing seller.  An agent has a  duty to the contractor (you) to represent them and protect their interest.  With this contract and loyalty in place, your agent will work much harder for your interest.  

  "If you contact a real estate agent from a advertised listing,  be advised, that he is working for the buyer, not you!  If he lists the property and sells it he makes twice the amount in commission.  You can hire your own real estate professional  to protect your interest.  If a deal is made, the commission is split between the real estate brokers.  It does not cost you any money to hire a real estate broker to negotiate your interests.  If you have any questions call me and feel free to mention my name to any other broker you talk with regarding real estate!"


Talk to me about Oregon buying or selling:

James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

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Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate! 

eMail:  jlaselle@gmail.com  RESIDENCE:  541 389-2359

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