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ASK - There are no dumb questions, except maybe the one's you don't ask!

Things to ask your Agent!

 What is the Broker's commitment to advertising your home?

  • Consistency is everything in marketing your home.
  • Tracking all calls pertaining to your property!

 What is the Agent's commitment in the follow-up?

  • Will the Agent follow up all showings and convey the feedback to you even on  new homes or vacant homes? Are they able to track this on a computer?

 How close does the Agent follow the market?

  • Will they update you, to let you know what has been listed and sold while you are selling?

 What kind of support staff does the Agent have?

 Will the Agent make it easy to buy?

  • There are many things a Broker can do to make it easy to buy. If your Broker is asking you several questions, he or she is gaining information so that when the Buyer has questions, they can be answered promptly. Being prepared for the Buyer will make their decisions easier. Ask your Broker how they will make your home "easy to buy".

 Will a Agent pre-qualify Buyers?

  • Does the Agent work closely with a Banker or Finance Broker, to ensure their Buyers are qualified? Access to the lowest interest rates can make your home easy to buy. Pre-qualifying Buyers result, in more qualified buyers seeing the property. Ask your Broker how they pre-qualify Buyers.

 How does the Agent market to other Brokers?

  •  There are many ways, beside multiple listing. Ask us about marketing to other Realtors!

 Does a Agent have a marketing plan?

  • Ask, "Do you know from A to Z how to get my home sold?"

 How many Buyer inquiries does the Agent get a week?

  • How do they qualify these calls or emails? Do they just show up to show your property?
  • How wide is the property being exposed on the internet?

 What is the Brokers' average time to sell and what percentage of the listings sell?

  • How does this compare to the industry average?

 How do the calls get handled when the Agent is away?

  • Can you get hold of them on week-ends? 

 What percentage of the Brokers' business is repeat, referral, or ads?

  • This speaks for itself.
  • Ask, "What's the average time it takes you to sell a listing?"

 Does the Agent have their own website and interior pictures of their property listings?

  • All MLS listings are on the Internet, but if your Agent has a website, their listings should be linked to it making it easy and fast for a Buyer to find (with much more information).

 Is a Agents' sign working?

  • Do they have reflective signs?
  • Do they have advertising on their signs directing potential buyers to their website where they may get information immediately?

 Is your Agent committed to you?

  • Did you know, if you (buyer) call an agent from a sign, he has responsibilities and duties to the listing owner but not to you. It cost you nothing to hire me to protect your interests in the negotiations. As a seller, I will work hard to secure you the best transaction.

 Is the Agent telling you things you want hear, or things you need to know?



Talk to me about buying or selling in Oregon!

James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

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Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate!Broker    480-0212 

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